Phillips were another Raleigh owned marque. Carlton made some models for them through the 1960’s.

The pictures below are of a Phillips built by Carlton circa 1962-1965. Model is believed to be an RC10X. Frame number is 11 7052. This appears to be a frame built to Flyer standard. Note the braze-on gear selector bosses, curved rear brake adjuster support, long-prong Flyer lugs, GB Hiduminium stem drilled for the front brake adjuster. All typical of a Carlton of this period.

The information and pictures were kindly supplied by Michael Swantak.

Phillips RC10X cycle
Phillips headstock
Phillips side view
Phillips front end
Carlton painters note

This piece of paper was found in the bottom of the seat tube confirming the Carlton origin.

It identifies the colour as ‘Tyrian Mauve/ Panelling as Catalogue Illustration’.

These notes are often found in Carlton built frames.