These pages will try and give some detail information to assist in identifying and restoring Carlton cycles.

Please note – some of this information is tentative. We have tried to avoid wild guessing as much as possible. I would welcome correction or confirmation and will update these pages with information supplied.

Dating frames. A guide to frame numbers, as far as they have been identified.

Lugwork. Some of the lugs used on Carlton cycles, from catalogue illustrations.

Lugwork. Photographs of Carlton lugs.

Lining. The lining designs used through the 30’s to the 50’s.

Other marques were also made by Carlton

The Worksop factory made cycles for over 20 different marques. Some of them were quite hush-hush, as they did not want their customers to know that the frames were made by Carlton and Gerald O’Donovan would have their frames covered over if visitors were expected.

Raleigh Carltons
Donovan cycles
Huffy Carltons
Phillips Cycles
Sun Carltons