This site covers the background and history of Carlton Cycles established in 1896

This site was assembled over many years by the previous Veteran-Cycle Club (V-CC) Carlton “Marque Enthusiast” (ME) Jeremy P. Mortimore. In 2022, with Jerry’s support, it has been resurrected by a small group of enthusiasts for the benefit of other classic Carlton enthusiasts.

We do not pretend any great knowledge or insight into Carlton Cycles – just a commitment to gather what information we can and make it available to a wider audience. These were great bicycles with a great history and we are pleased with the numbers that are treasured and maintained and, where necessary, restored.

If you have any knowledge, information, scans or pictures that we can add to the site, we would be grateful and delighted to include them.

We have closed the opportunity to comment on the pages of this site because we believe the best place for people to engage is on Facebook or on relevant blogs.

However, we have added a contact page and look forward to hearing from people who can contribute material to the site. Please do not contact us if all you want is free information – join the V-CC instead or join the relevant Facebook pages…

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V-CC Members have access to our contact details in the V-CC Yearbook and are welcome to contact us any time concerning Carlton Cycles. Our preferred method of communication is email, but we will handle telephone and postal contact as required.

Whilst we are careful to protect copyright, we do not know the source of some of the material on this site, so please contact us if you believe that a source should be credited.  Likewise, if there is an inadvertent breach of copyright law, please bring it to our attention so that we can rectify it