For many years up to 1960 Carlton lugs often defined the model. Some were illustrated in the catalogues.

Below are lug illustrations from 1939 for the Continental model and Flyer.

1939 Continental lugs

1939 Flyer lugs

From the 1951 and 1952 catalogues, we have two headstocks for the Massed Start on the left and the Massed Start Special on the right. Note the lugs outlined on the top edge of the lug on the Massed Start Special.

Masses Start Lugs 1952

These catalogues also showed the detailed views of the lugwork for the Professional and International models shown below.

Lugs Professional 1951
Lugs International 1951

The 1953 catalogue also showed the Massed Start Special and the lugs for the International models

The badge also varied between models – ‘Carlton’ spelt vertically in raised letters, a Carlton ‘CC’ decal or a ‘CC’ metal badge were all used each year.

Below are the five models that have the lugs illustrated in the 1955 catalogue.

From left to right they are:

  1. Continental (Lindrick Lug)
  2. Super Coureur
  3. Road Track
  4. Franco-Italia
  5. International

Note the decal on 1, the metal badges on 2 and 5 and the vertical raised letters on 3 and 4.

1955 Carlton Models

The 1957 catalogue illustrated two models, both in very small size.

Below, on the left is the lugwork for the International Clubman and on the right the new lugwork for the Flyer.

Lugs International Clubman and Flyer 1957

The Flyer lugs did not last long, only one or two years before they reverted back to the lugs used previously.

In 1959 Carlton reorganised their range. Out went all the various lugs and in came a new style of lug designed for Carlton – the Capella lugs.

A new range of models utilising these lugs were announced and these models – the Catalina, Clubman, Continental and Constellation – were to continue through to 1965.

The other models in the range used either Carlton or Italian long-line lugs, although Capella lugs could be fitted to the Flyer if ordered.

The International lugs reappeared briefly in 1962-3 on a new International Grand Prix model.

Capella Lugs